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100 ml

Advanced innovative hair dye, rich in pigments and containing the most precise formula for your hair. A perfect harmony of innovative ingredients with progressive technology aimed at maintaining the natural texture of hair fiber and care for your hair during the coloring process. 

Thanks to Mon Platin Anti break´s precise texture and innovative formula, the hair fiber benefits from a triple complex of hair-care, shine and strengthening of the hair. Mon Platin Anti Break Super Color – For healthier, stronger and shinier hair than ever. PPD free. SLS free. 


New Addition

Mon Platin´s Anti Break Super Mask combined with Activator Cream and Anti Break Safe Guard liquid provides an innovative, deep treatment of the hair fiber. This luxurious treatment strengthens the internal fiber of the hair by thickening the cuticle layer that serves as the internal "spine" of the hair. It renews the natural foundation of the hair fiber, restoring the hair´s shine and natural look that has been lost as a result of years of chemical treatments (colors, hair dyes, streaks and straightening treatments), use of hard water and permanent exposure to difficult and changing weather conditions. 

This unique complex contains Black Caviar, Green tea and Pomegranate extracts that are rich in powerful anti-oxidants which effectively protect the hair fiber. The treatment is especially effective on damaged, fragile, dry hair, as well as hair that has been chemically straightened. The treatment significantly improves the hair´s strength and its ability to withstand further chemical treatments in the future. Maintains the shade of the hair and strengthens its durability over time. Significantly strengthens hair that has been chemically straightened and reduces the prevalence of static electricity in the hair.Does not contain Formaldehyde. Does not contain salts. Has a PH level that does not damage the hair fiber (between 4.5 and 5.1). 

A perfect combination between Mon Platin´s intensive Black Caviar hair mask and Anti Break Safe Guard complex - this Super Mask provides an especially effective treatment for damaged, fragile, dry hair, while substantially improving the hair´s flexibility and vibrancy. The molecular precision of the Super Mask´s unique formula relies on a mixture of amino acids, silk protein, Black Caviar complex, and Anti Break Safe Guard complex. It makes the hair soft and radiant while restoring its natural flexibility that has been lost following years of chemical treatments (colors, hair dyes, streaks and straightening treatments). The unique combination of the Super Mask and the components of the Anti Break Safe Guard creates an entirely new dimension in hair treatment and restoration, while restoring the hair´s shine and natural look while strengthening the hair fibers.

A unique cream with a precise PH level that promotes the optimal absorption of the Super Mask and Anti Break deep into the hair fiber (the cuticle layer). 


500/1000 ml

A groundbreaking developmentby Mon Platin Israel Laboratories, with a unique complex made of naturally derived components enveloped using innovative technology. A new revolutionary patented technology developed by Swiss Laboratories, Anti- Brake Safe Guard includes a niosomal conduction system ensuring 100% penetration of active components into the cortex layer of the hair. 

An innovative combination of amino acids comprising the niosomal conduction system which strengthen the hair and protect it during the intensive Bleaching / Coloring process. The Anti-Break Safeguard is a breakthrough in hair Bleaching, Coloring and strip coloring, as it maintains the hair´s structure, especially in clarified and damaged hair, thereby enabling the use of chemical actions while protecting the natural qualities of the hair. 

The Anti-Break Safeguard is molecularly compatible with Mon Platin Professional´s chemical products (hair bleaching, coloring and clarifying products), working in complete synergy with these products to achieve an amazing result, while maintaining a healthy, silky look.