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What Type Of Hair Mask Is Right For Your Hair Type?

While skin care has recently been all the rage, hair care is up and coming. Hair masks are hitting the market fast, and it can be tough to figure out which type of hair masks make the most sense for your hair type. Let's take a look at the different options so you can figure out which type of hair mask makes the most sense for your hair care needs.

Dry hair - If your hair is brittle and dry, you'll want to look for a hair strengthening mask that's filled with plant based oils. These will work to moisturize your hair without creating a greasy feel.

Thin hair - You'll want to find lightweight hydrators that help to give your hair a shiny, carefree look without weighing it down. Look for a hair strengthening mask with honey extract.

Curly hair - Curl hair is able to withstand more serious moisturizing treatments than straight or thin hair. Look for a product with aloe and coconut water to give your curly hair the restoration it needs.

Color treated hair - Love playing around with color? Look for a hair mask with linseed extract to help keep your colorful tresses beautiful and strong.

No matter what your hair needs, we're here to help. At M.A.Y. Cosmetics, we love supplying our customers with hair masks to perfectly match their hair type. Reach out to us today to learn more about what hair mask makes the most sense for you.



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